SilverServers IoT Solutions: Pioneering Custom IoT and LoRaWAN Sensor Networks At SilverServers, we source and develop Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and solutions, offering bespoke IoT solutions that drive innovation and efficiency using custom built LoRa and off-the-shelf LoRaWAN technologies.

Custom IoT Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Our team of techology developers and enthusiasts specializes in crafting custom IoT solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of your business. Whether it's optimizing operations, enhancing data collection, or improving asset tracking, our solutions are engineered to deliver results.

A Glimpse into Our Recent Success

In a groundbreaking project with our technology partner Vivacity, we embarked on a comprehensive LoRaWAN trial. Our venture spanned the deployment of diverse sensors across a data center and we tested our systems to an external radius of 4.76km. This project showcased our capability to handle a spectrum of sensors, including:

Temperature and Humidity Sensors: Ensuring precise climate control for critical environments. Location Tracking: Offering real-time insights into asset movement and logistics. Water Level and Flow Sensors: Monitoring environmental conditions and resource usage. Light Level Sensors: Automating and optimizing lighting systems for energy efficiency. LoRaWAN: The Backbone of Our Sensor Networks LoRaWAN stands at the core of our sensor networks, providing long-range, low-power wireless connectivity that is essential for the IoT ecosystem. This technology enables our sensors to communicate effectively, even in the most challenging environments, ensuring reliability and scalability for our clients.

Why Choose SilverServers for Your IoT Journey? Innovative Solutions: We push the boundaries of IoT technology to develop solutions that keep you ahead of the curve. Expertise in LoRaWAN: Our deep understanding of LoRaWAN ensures robust and efficient sensor networks. Proven Track Record: Our successful projects, like the one with Vivacity, speak volumes about our capabilities. Client-Centric Approach: We listen to your needs and tailor our solutions accordingly, ensuring they align with your business objectives. Embark on Your IoT Adventure with SilverServers Ready to transform your business with IoT? Contact SilverServers today, and let's build the future together. Discover how our custom IoT solutions and expertise in LoRaWAN sensor networks can elevate your operations to new heights.


SilverServers Inc.. has been providing web design, development, hosting, and more for over 20 years. Located in Kamloops, British Columbia, we've developed and maintained our systems from the framework to the finishing touches. If you're curious about our current IoT projects, past work, or anything in-between visit us at

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SilverServers Sensors

In 2017 SilverServers was storing multiple remote servers in a data center in Vancouver, British Columbia. This arrangement worked for a time, however a series of issues arose. If something went wrong at the data center, or to the servers within, there was no easy way to remedy the issue. It was impossible to get someone from SilverServers to get there to fix it in a reasonable timeframe and more often than not no one was on-site in the facility, days could go by without anyone checking on it.

A fix was needed, and thankfully a spark of inspiration had been lit...

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Our Story

In 1997 Mickael Maddison founded MBM Webcraft, a computer repair and web design company located in Kamloops, British Columbia. Over the years the company broadened it’s horizons, expanding and adopting web hosting and control panel software into it’s repertoire with the goal of providing modern web utilities and services, and by 2003 It was overhauled into SilverServers…



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